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Since 1996, thousand of people have successfully quit smoking using our course. Our course is based on the premise that you can enjoy quitting smoking by removing naturally  the psychological need to smoke.


We are proud that is the is the most recommended Quit Smoking site in  the leading Quit Smoking Forums like Quitnet and About smoking.

We have helped over 100,000 smokers since 1996.

Our approach is entirely different than virtually all other Quit Smoking products.

We  allow all smokers full access to our online course. Everything they need to quit smoking is available to them free of charge.

This allows them to prove for themselves that this approach works.

However, all our clients  can contrilbute a sum of  $30, $50 or $100  and in return they all receive  the following great Quit Smoking Tools.

Over 3% of our clients donate for these great Quit Smoking Tools.


A print friendly PDF version of the course

our MP3 files


One-to-One help from our team of Quit Smokers Advisors and Our 21 day daily email course

Our  'How to Enjoy Quit smoking' Service is free to everybody along with the expert help of our team of dedicated Quit Smokers Advisors.

Each of our Advisors has successfully ENJOYED quitting smoking using our unique approach – so you can use their personal knowledge and expertise over the next few weeks as you quit smoking forever.

Also they can download a Free copy of our  book, The Natural Way to lose Weight for smokers.


A copy of our 110 page health book – The Smoker's Repair kit

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You will receive 50% commission so that we are equal partners.

There are three donation options from £30 to £50 to £100

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We have built up a trusted name and product. We require all affiliates to behave in  a professional manner consistent with the trust.

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Learn how to Enjoy Giving up Smoking





You can now Quit Smoking and ENJOY doing it!

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Our three most popular articles:

1.Find out how it is possible to quit smoking and actually ENJOY it.
  Here's how……..

2. How to quit smoking and not gain weight.

3. All the GREAT benefits you’ll EXPERIENCE when you QUIT Smoking!


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We have built up a trusted name and product. We require all affiliates to behave in  a professional manner consistent with the trust.


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