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The Internet's Famous Quit Smoking course, and it is absolutely FREE</p> 

A great favorite with people who use our course. Join their quit smoking community, especially and meet  people from all over the world who are now quitting  today just like you.

In fact, QuitNet today is host to the world's largest community of smokers and ex-smokers helping each other quit. Over 1 million people sought quit smoking support from QuitNet in 2003 alone. 

Very helpful quit smoking center run by Terry Martin. It contains excellent information and articles on all aspects of quitting. Also contains the Guide's own story of how she overcame her smoking addiction.

Terry Martin's Quit Smoking Story


Meditation Techniques:

A great Free  resource telling you how you can  experience the pure bliss of meditation. Many of our users have found this site very useful at how he overcome it and succeed -with lots of helpful advice and tips on the way.


Other top recommended sites

Freedom Village Non-Smoking Forum

A HON  approved site. This is a caring and friendly quit smoking support forum open to all who have quit smoking or want to quit.

 Excel Course.

Many of the calculations regarding the costs of smoking, and the financial consequences have been done using Microsoft Excel. Thanks to for their brilliant online excel course.
Thanks to   a great  Excel  training courses  and also thanks  you for post course back up online excel course