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Find out how it is possible to quit smoking and actually ENJOY it. Here's how……..

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Millions will tell you it CANNOT BE done.

In fact, millions will swear it is hell on earth -trying to quit smoking.

But they are wrong.

Quitting smoking need NOT be hard or difficult.

There is NO law that says it should be. 

Yes, if you quit in the same old way like everybody else, using willpower alone TO FORCE themselves to stop.……….., yes, it will be a horrible, miserable experience for you.

But…………it NEED NOT be………….

Please consider this:

When you quit smoking you will naturally  feel the desire, the CRAVING again and again to smoke.

We all know that feeling: "I must have a cigarette".

But here is the IMPORTANT thing: THAT 'desire'  or 'craving' to smoke in itself, is not 'bad' or 'painful'.

It is JUST a feeling, a sensation you feel in your body.

That's all!

However……..this is what 99% of smokers miss….. 

……It is only when you start to FEAR or HATE  that ' craving'…….or  try to  push it away  or use willpower to REPRESS it….   that, that  'craving'  ….THEN becomes painful, annoying and frustrating!

But this is exactly what 99% of smokers do. 

When they get the craving to smoke, they get frightenend…., anxious….and  afraid OF THE CRAVING….and they start to hate it, fight it or use willpower to repress or 'destroy' the craving. 

But it is  THIS  fearful, anxious, nervous RESISTANCE that actually makes quitting smoking so hard, so difficult and so painful for most smokers. 

Again and again, remember : There is nothing wrong with the craving to smoke. it is normal and natural.

It is just a temporary feeling or sensation in your belly.

The pain, the HORROR  comes from HOW you decide to deal with this desire to smoke moment-by-moment WHEN you quit smoking.


What if we could  show you how you could actually TRANSFORM this craving  to smoke— so that it was actually  enjoyable, or at least pleasant to experience?

If you could learn how to do that – what would there be to fear  from quitting smoking?

Then,  when you quit -if  you get the craving to smoke,  or hundreds of cravings to smoke -you simply wouldn't care! 

You'd just welcome it as another great OPPORTUNITY  to  'transform'  it so that it was  enjoyable to experience!.

And the way to do that is to do something you have probably never done before…………

Wait for it…………….

The secret is:


BE happy when you get the CRAVING to smoke during the day. LOVE IT!



No, I'm not mad! The secret really is to be happy when you get the CRAVING to smoke during the day.
Let me explain.


The Madness or Genius of Zen Monks ! 

Zen monks have been practicing this technique for centuries.

In fact, it probably explains the secret of the incredible bodily feats they are able to carry out.

In fact, in a recent TV documentary I saw, two Zen practitioners were filmed as they sat happily and without-a-care-in-the-world in FREEZING, ICE-cold water for hours?

Not only were they able to handle this terrible discomfort….. …Imagine getting up tomorrow morning and having to jump into an ice-cold bath! –and stay in it!) – they were able to ENJOY it!


Actually E-N-J-O-Y it! It didn't bother them!

It definitely puts the temporary discomfort of not been able to smoke into perspective……

And here's how they do it……


The Secret

Although it seems incredible, the secret of the Zen monks is actually very simple.

The secret lies in HOW they RESPOND to what they feel moment-by-moment.

If they are feeling a sensation they don’t like, i.e. like ice-cold water – they don’t automatically BELIEVE that this feeling or sensation is 'bad', or a 'wrong' .

They don't automatically resist the feeling. Or start to hate it.

Instead, using simple techniques, they simply ALLOW themselves to OPEN up to whether sensation is present.….and train themselves to WELCOME it. 

Yes, they welcome this so-called 'unpleasant' feeling.


That's the great secret:


They allow themselves to stay with the feeling moment-by-moment, simply, WITHOUT judgment noticing it’s……movement, it's progress and it's intensity.

They allow themselves to get ‘comfortable with their discomfort’ – and when they do that – an extraordinary thing HAPPENS………..


They DISCOVER – and then EXPERIENCE the joy, the bliss – and the incredible PLEASURE that lies at the center of every feeling, of every craving if you will ALLOW yourself to experience it without resistance.

The exact same thing I will show you when you quit smoking.

But none of us, when we quit smoking ever do this because we are too BUSY 'hating' or being afraid of this craving to smoke…….there we all are….. sitting on our couch, WISHING, praying, begging it would go away……

We are all too busy WANTING it to go away………..instead of welcoming it and transforming it.

The earth-shattering truth is:

The craving to smoke can be a JOY to feel !!

In our famous, free online course at, I will show you exactly how to do this so that this time when you quit you will actually enjoy it!


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