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Article 2


How to quit smoking and NOT gain weight?

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Ask a hundred people, 'Will you gain weight when you stop smoking?', and virtually every one of them will say, 'Yes'.

And yet…..they are all wrong!

If I asked you the question now, what would you say?

But before you answer, please read this article…….AND find out the real truth about smoking and weight gain……..and THEN answer.

The Old Willpower Method

This is important. Get this clear in your mind.

When you quit smoking, it does not mean that you HAVE TO gain weight.

There are two parts to this problem and it is important that you understand BOTH of them.

First, I need to be honest with you……

Yes, in the past, people DID tend to gain weight when they gave up smoking.

But this was BECAUSE most people tried to give up smoking using the old Will-Power Method alone.

These people believed that when they gave up, they would feel terrible.

They were then told that the ONLY way to deal with these cravings was to endure them………and hope that, with time and persistence, they would go away.

They were advised above all…… to use their Willpower and FORCE themselves not to smoke.

And……finally, they were told…. to eat snacks or nibble this or that ANYTHING, in fact to keep them busy and their minds OFF smoking.

Why eat?

Because the feeling or the 'hunger' for a cigarette is very similar to the feeling you get when you are hungry.

And so, in the past, people ate in the terrible mistaken belief that by eating, they could satisfy their craving for a cigarette and that it would help them keep their minds off smoking.

But of course it didn't work…..

….And the MORE the feeling came back….. the MORE they ate in the belief it could help them.

'Your present is NOT dependent on your past'

So we all have to accept that there was some validity for people gaining weight in the past when they tried to quit.

But that need not be the cause today.

Remember the CAUSE was not giving up smoking but HOW these people went about the process of giving up smoking.

If you look closely at how they went about it, you'll see that: People ate TO NUMB their cravings

Remember, when you quit smoking, you too will get these selfsame feeling/craving – 'I want a cigarette.' 

And you will experience similar feelings when you realize that you cannot have one.

But unlike the old Willpower Method, you will not eat extra in order to ESCAPE or NUMB these feelings.


Because, as we explain in Our Course you will want to WELCOME and ACCEPT these cravings. You will WANT to transform them so that they are enjoyable to feel..

These FEELINGS/CRAVINGS are NOW the KEY to your success.

Please underline this: The Old Way (Willpower method) was to hate and fear these cravings to smoke.

You were told you had a big fight on your hands, that these feelings would be unpleasant and overpowering.

And because the feeling you get when you want a cigarette is similar to how you feel when you are hungry, of course, you believed that by eating, you could satisfy these feelings or at least alleviate them.

But all you did was to temporarily block off these feelings.

By eating, you give yourself an excuse not to have to deal with and really feel these feelings.

You put off the evil day……..and started to put on the pounds!
Never forget that when you give up smoking, you will CONTINUE to have these empty, restless, insecure cravings for the first two or three weeks…..

But now, for the first time in your life, LET yourself have these feelings, these empty sensations in your body. Actually feel them, moment-by-moment in your body.


Sure, you will get the temptation to eat extra – to compensate – to 'fill' in the feelings you believe you are now lacking.

These desires are natural, normal.

They are not bad in themselves. And they are ONLY TEMPORARY.

Just feel them!

Yes, it takes courage not to run away and try to escape by eating extra.

If you will just have patience and stay with these feelings, you will discover your moment of truth – that these cravings are no big deal and that you can easily handle them.

You don't have to eat to escape from them. (to find out more about this process, go to our free course at ( )

Please underline:

The belief that you will automatically gain weight if you stop smoking is a myth.

A total MYTH!




Is it possible to enjoy, yes ENJOY giving up smoking – and not gain ANY weight? Follow the famous 10-day free online Quit Smoking Course at  and prove it for yourself.