Quitting smoking cold turkey


 Quitting smoking cold turkey


The Conflict when Quitting smoking cold turkey

Right now, I want you to be honest with me.

The truth is simple: You won't stop smoking now  because you are TERRIFIED of how you will FEEL when you can't smoke.

It all boils now to this. Nothing else.

HOW you will FEEL when you can't smoke.


You are terrified of that dreaded 'feeling' we have all been 'conditioned' to FEAR – and avoid at all costs!

Isn't that the real reason why you spend a fortune on all these nicotine patches etc………hoping they will supply you with enough 'nicotine' so that you won't get any of these terrible cravings.

But of course – you still do – that's why all these nicotine subsitutes have such a high failure rate.

For some reason, we have all been 'conditioned' or 'programmed' into believing – no, in fact we have all been CONVINCED  that this feeling we will get when we can't smoke is unbearable and impossible to deal with.

Right now, the ONLY thing — yes, THE ONLY THING making it difficult for you to stop smoking is this fear of how YOU WILL FEEL WHEN YOU STOP.

And, yet, now I'm going to say something very strange to you: This very fear is the actual key to quitting  smoking naturally.

You see quiting smoking cold turkey  has actually nothing to do with smoking.

It is really all about learning HOW to deal with this fear you have of the cravings
you WILL get when you stop smoking


Quitting smoking cold turkey

Instead of FEARING these 'cravings' – what if I could  show you how you can actually change or transform these feelings/cravings  — so that they are actual enjoyable, or at least pleasant to experience?

Wouldn't that be something?

Wouldn't that be marvellous?

When you learn how to do that – and I will show you how over the next few days as you read each lesson – you will realize that there is nothing to fear when you quit smoking.


What could there be to fear?

When you quit in a week's time from now and get the craving to smoke, – – you will simply use it as another great OPPORTUNITY  to 'change' or 'transform' that craving so that it is actually ENJOYABLE to experience.




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