How to Quit Smoking cold turkey: The Proper Way.



……You have now  quit smoking.

It's  dinner-time.

You have finished a day's work….. and as you finish your lovely meal   ….. you subconsciously reach for a cigarette.

When then, BANG! It hits you.

You remember that you no longer  smoke. You've given up.

At that precise moment, certain gut feelings will arise.

Feelings of regret……..a feeling that you are missing out on something important and then maybe….. a terrible feeling of emptiness…..

We all know how it feels.

But the real question is: How will you DEAL with this CRAVING  to smoke, at this moment in time?

Will you be AFRAID of it?

Will you summon all you have learnt in the past about how to quit smoking cold turkey.

Try to repress it and hope that it will go away? 

That is one option……The old willpower method, quit by cold turkey.

And more than likely you will give in to the feeling — and promise yourself that you will quit again (definitely next Monday!)?



…..Will you…… …do something completely DIFFERENT , disreguard all you have previously learnt about how to quit smoking cold turkey-

and follow my instructions and actually ALLOW yourself to TRANSFORM these  cravings to smoke so that they are  actually enjoyable to experience.

You see, when you can do that, you will no longer be AFRAID of HOW you will FEEL when  you can't  smoke.

You won't give a damn how many withdrawal pangs you will experience  !

In fact, you will notice something extraordinary  happening: You will start to WELCOME these cravings because they will give you another opportunity to RESPOND and DEAL with them in this NEW WAY.


And here is the key again:

It's only a belief that the temporary cravings you get when you can't  smoke are 'bad'.

This is why all you have learnt in the past about how to quit smoking cold turkey are WRONG.

Now I want you to take a leap  with me here and let me ask you a big what if….

What if:

……..There is nothing wrong with temporarily feeling ‘empty' and 'lonely' when you can’t smoke a cigarette? WHAT is so bad with that temporary feeling? 

What if:

……The real mistake (and the REAL CAUSE of the discomfort you feel) lies in YOU ALWAYS resisting and being AFRAID of  this craving and  JUDGING it as ‘bad’, as ‘wrong’?


What if:

………….The real problem lies not in this craving to smoke but in you – ALWAYS wasting so much psychic energy wanting to 'fight' it and  ‘will’ or 'force' it to go away.


What if ……

…You could only REALIZE that this ‘temporary discomfort’ or feeling of lack or loneliness caused when you can't smoke  is just an energy fluctuation or sensation in your bodies – that's all.

No big deal!!

IF ONLY- IF ONLY I COULD convince you now of this! 

This craving -desire to smoke comes for a little while, makes known its presence, then vanishes. 

That’s all. 

That’s all….it is. 

And it repeats this process a few times an hour …until it gets fed up and leaves you forever…

And that's the end of it.

Ask all the 120 million plus people who have quit  successfully …………and they will all tell you  now it is not as bad as it is made out to be! 


Do the Unthinkable!

The way forward is to do something you have probably never done before

Hold onto your seats now ……and wait for it.

When you quit this time I want you to……….

Be happy when you get the CRAVING to smoke during the day.



The Madness or Genius of Zen Monks ! 

quitting smoking cold turkey tips

A Zen monk has his vital signs measured as he prepares to enter an advanced state of meditation in Normandy, France. During meditation, the monk's body produces enough heat to dry cold, wet sheets put over his shoulders in a frigid room (Photo courtesy of Herbert Benson

What I am talking about here is not new.



In fact, it is centuries old.

Zen monks have been using the essence of this approach for years.

In fact, it probably explains the secret of the incredible bodily feats they are able to carry out.


quitting smoking cold turkey side effects


In fact, in a recent TV documentary I saw only last week, two Zen practitioners were filmed as they sat happily and without-a-care-in-the-world in FREEZING, ICE-cold water for hours?

Now: Not only were they able to handle this terrible discomfort…..

…Imagine getting up tomorrow morning and having to jump into an ice-cold bath! –and stay in it!) – but they were able to ENJOY it!

Actually E-N-J-O-Y it!

It definitely puts the temporary discomfort of not been able to smoke into perspective……

And here's how they do it……


The Secret

Although it seems incredible, the secret of the Zen monks is actually very simple.

The secret lies in HOW they RESPOND to what they feel moment-by-moment. 

If they are feeling a sensation they don’t like, i.e. like ice-cold water – they don’t automatically fight, resist or LABEL this feeling or sensation as a 'bad', or a 'wrong' feeling or sensation. 

They don't automatically resist this feeling.

Or start to hate it. 

Using a simple technique, they simply ALLOW themselves to OPEN up to whether sensation is present.….and train themselves to WELCOME it.

Yes, they WELCOME this so-called 'unpleasant' feeling.


That's the great secret:




They ALLOW themselves to stay with the feeling moment-by-moment, simply, WITHOUT judgment noticing it’s……movement ……progress……and intensity.

They allow themselves to get ‘comfortable with their discomfort’ – and when they do that – an extraordinary thing HAPPENS………..


They discover the JOY, the BLISS – the incredible PLEASURE that lies at the center of every feeling, of every craving if you will ALLOW yourself to discover it.


That sentence is the most important sentence in this course.

PLease mark and underline it.



quitting smoking cold turkey


But smokers never do this because they are too BUSY being afraid of these cravings…….. …sitting on their crouches WISHING, PRAYING, and B-E-G-G-I-N-G the craving to smoke to go away……. 

However, if you want to learn how to ENJOY giving up smoking this time, you must  CHANGE how you intimately relate to these cravings when you become a non-smoker.