Steps to stop smoking

 Steps to stop smoking


steps to stop smoking

Steps to stop smokings:

Break the chain.


An attachment is a state of clinging that comes from the false belief that something like smoking is necessary for your happiness.


Where did your attachment to smoking come from?


You were not born with it.

It sprang from a lie that your society and your culture have told you, or a lie that you have told yourself, namely that without this thing called smoking you can’t be happy or live without it. 


Just open your eyes and see how false this is. The first steps to stop smoking is to break this evil chain.

There are billions of people who are perfectly happy without needing to inhale cancerous smoke into their lungs – a thing that you crave for and that you have convinced yourself that you cannot live without.


See how ridiculous the whole thing is. Make that first of the many steps to stop smoking.