Easiest way to Quit Smoking

Easiest way to Quit Smoking

We all have feelings. 

In fact, feelings are the very essence of life itself.


easiest way to  quit smoking



If I were to hit you with my fist now, you'd probably  FEEL angry. 

Or if I were to laugh at you or say that  I didn't like you, you'd probably FEEL sad or  embarrassed.

May I ask you a question ?

'What happens if it is a bad day and you don't feel well; maybe you feel fed-up and bored ? What would you do?'

You'll probably get up and DO something – won't you? 

Why ? 

To feel better, of course – to change how you FEEL.

For example, a lot of people if they feel depressed like to go shopping and buy new clothes.

  • Others may perform  a sport.
  • Others may eat.
  • Or go to the pub.

ANYTHING that will make them FEEL  better. 

ANYTHING that will help them to change their mood.

If you feel bored or fed-up what do you do ?

  • Go to the pub ?

  • Watch TV ?

  • Ring a friend ?


To change how we FEEL, most of us will get up and try to 'DO' something.


There is a widespread, almost universal belief that if you have a feeling you don't like — the ONLY way to change it is to take your mind off it and force yourself to 'do' something else.

Isn't that right ?


easiest way to  quit smokeing


If we FEEL bored we will get up – go to the pub or watch TV.

If we FEEL angry we will either shout at somebody, have a row or punch them! 

If we FEEL tense we will either walk up or down a room; tap ourfingers nervously on the  table; take a tablet or try to force ourselves to listen to some relaxing music.

We hope that by D-O-I-N-G  these things – (all of which are fine and valid – we are not being critical here) — we will change HOW we FEEL.

We take it for granted that to CHANGE how we FEEL, we must get away from them (our unpleasant feelings) and do something – ANYTHING — and…….in time, we hope we will feel different.

We believe that certain feelings are 'bad' and 'wrong' and we MUST get away from them as soon as possible.


AN EASY WAY TO CHANGE YOUR FEELINGS shows the  Easiest way to Quit Smoking

But is there an easier and more fulfilling way to change how you feel?

May we suggest a new way ?


Why not just sit down and FEEL the feeling?

What ! ", I can hear you say, "Don't do anything – just allow the feeling to be.




I couldn't do that.

It's bad.

Dangerous. Not possible.

I don't want to have to feel and experience  those feelings and sensations.


Easiest way to Quit Smoking.

This is a very important point of our course, because it reveals another core belief that most of us are totally unaware that we possess and in it is the secret to the easiest way to  Quit Smoking.


We are all terrified to feel.


In fact, most of us will do anything — ANYTHING — to escape from having to face unpleasant feelings and sensations.

We all believe that CERTAIN feelings and sensations are bad (like the feeling we get when we can't smoke) and we spend our life RUNNING AWAY from these feelings.

Or refusing to face them in the mistaken belief that we can't bear the pain.

Easiest way to quit smoking

We are all terrified to sit and face unpleasant feelings and sensations.


easiest way to  give up  smoking



And yet if we could just learn to sit down and face these feelings/sensations and sit with them in the moment , like a scientist without trying to change them, escape from them or resist them in any way just to allow them to be without judgmentan incredible change would occur.


The feelings which you thought you did not like  would loose their 'heaviness' and their 'pain' and you would feel and experience them as they really are – Pure energy, pure harmony.


You would FEEL a tremendous difference.


I bet you find this, right now very difficult to accept. 

That is fine. 

It is a new concept for most of us and, yet this simple concept is the KEY to making giving up smoking a truly enjoyable experience and is the easiest way to quit smoking.


Easiest way to quit smoking


 Do you know what is REALLY putting you off giving up smoking ? You are TERRIFIED of the feelings you will have to face, if and when you give up.

You are afraid you won't be able to handle them.