The Power of Decision



xxxxcouple making decision

So far we have made significant progress in understanding….. 

  • Why we smoke
  • And what keeps us addicted to this behavior.

All this is essential.

But now we must now come to an another KEY IDEA that will determine how successful you will be in giving up smoking.



Soon you will make the decision to stop smoking – but it must not be like 'any ordinary decision'.

When you have prepared yourself properly, you must sit down and make the DECISION that you are never going to smoke again – AND YOU MUST REALLY MEAN IT.

This is one of the key tenet of this psychology of non-smoking.

You must really know that, no matter what happens, you are never going to smoke again. 

You will never again respond to that feeling 'I want a cigarette' by smoking.

You must make that total commitment to yourself.

And when you have made that decision, you must not waste ANYTIME moping about it or questioning it. 

You must not ALLOW yourself to torture yourself !

For example, you must be able to say to yourself: 


" OK. This is it. I now know the truth about giving up smoking. Millions have already given up successfully and are enjoying perfectly full normal lives.  I am now going to commit myself TOTALLY to this objective."