Nicotine Addiction


nicotine addiction

STEP 3: Nicotine Addiction



There are two things that keep us addicted to nicotine……..


  1. Our absolute belief (our mental conditioning) that we NEED them – that
    we MUST have them to be happy, to enjoy ourselves.
  2. And….. our chemical addiction to nicotine.


 nicotine addiction

As smokers we are all addicted to the drug – nicotine.

Today, I  want to deal with this area of chemical addiction.

What it is and how it can be overcome.

It is a vital key step on your road to freedom.



The Truth

The truth is, right now, as far as nicotine is concerned:




A lot of people who want to quit smoking don't want to admit to this. We are from suffering from nicotine addiction.

And in many ways, I can understand why.

It sounds too familiar to the horrors of heroin addiction and evokes terrible, dark desperate images.

But it is a truth we must face.

Nicotine Addiction

Most people who want to quit  smoking believe that it is either (1) a wholly chemical addiction or (2) a wholly psychological dependency.




The truth is that it is both.


It is an addiction to the mild drug nicotine and an
addiction to the belief that we need to smoke
to be happy.


Some people, though will not accept this chemical addiction theory.

"No – I'm not addicted." 

'I really can take it or leave it." 

"I only smoke because I enjoy it. I can stop when I want."

Or the famous:

"I only smoke because it is a habit I got into – I'll break it when I'm ready.
No problem."


Excuse…after excuse! 

Please don't believe a word. These are nothing but excuses.

Right now, at this very moment you smoke because YOU HAVE TO – NOT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO.

If you don't believe me – put it to the test!

Tell yourself that you will not smoke for the next 24-hours.

After a while, you will discover that it is very difficult – you just  HAVE TO HAVE A CIGARETTE.

We all know the feeling. If you are struck in a meeting you just can't wait to get out the front door to have a smoke.

It is not ONLY a desire – it is A compulsion.