How to quit smoking naturally



Reading this Module just once and then forgetting about it is No Good.

You must think about it.

Spend time on it.

Reflect on it. 

Don't force yourself to believe the conclusion it reaches ……
but you must be willing to at least consider it as a possibility.

Then you must be willing to apply the techniques described  here
in your life with an open mind so that you can test their
effectiveness for yourselves….


Mental Conditioning

In a way, cigarettes are an extraordinary drug.

Or, maybe it's just the way that the huge tobacco companies have
marketed the whole concept to us.

 How to stop smoking naturally

When we are kids, we see all the adults around us smoking.

But when we ask for one, we are told that it is a terrible, horrible
habit, that it tastes awful and that it will kill us!

And when the adults have told us this, off they go- to have a cigarette!

And, of course the little  kid is puzzled and doesn't know what to believe:

"What he said can't be true? 

If it does all those terrible things, why is he still smoking and why
are hundreds of other people doing the same ? 

They don't seem mad."

And so the kid, unconsciously comes to the only logical conclusion:


'If it can do all these horrible things but people still want to do it
– in fact feel terrible if they have to stop – surely there must be
something really pleasurable in smoking. Why else would people
do it?'



A Subconscious Belief

 how to give up smoking naturally

And so, subconsciously the belief grows in us that, at the very least,
cigarette must contain some magical, hidden attraction.

There must be some great 'hidden' pleasure or enjoyment in them.

Why else would people continue to do something that is killing them?

And then, so as we get older – and actually smoke our first cigarette,
we are further puzzled.


We get nothing at all from the experience.

In fact it tastes awful – but yet the next day, we will continue on
with this experiment.


Why ?


Because we are already brainwashed from watchingother smokers and all the TV and films that it must be an inherently pleasurable act.  



Then we reason: "Maybe I just haven't found it yet? 

And so we continue…… and of course, unknown to ourselves
we become hooked – addicted.

We don't realize it at first.

But if we attempt to stop for any reason, we are suddenly surprised
to find that it is not as easy as we had imagined.

And then, as we attempt to find out why this is so, we fall prone to
even more  of society's brainwashing ( deeply ingrained beliefs )
about smoking.


We are told by everybody – even people who have NEVER smoked (how would they know!!) about how difficult it will be to stop and that you will have to suffer, if you want to give up for good.


In fact, most of us have no idea of the extent and the extraordinary power this mental conditioning has on us.


In fact, if in quitting smoking, all we had to deal with was the
chemical addiction, the process would, indeed, be easy.

We would only have to pick a day and stop.

We would not fear any physical withdrawal symptoms  because
we have already discovered their true nature – merely empty,
restless feelings which would soon pass.


But we know that it is not like that……

………other forces and energies arise that make
us WANT to smoke.

Our desire for nicotine goes to work.

'He' knows he is too weak to keep people smoking, so he enlists the help and
co-operation of a bigger force, 'our conditioning' or past beliefs – to set up a
series of desires and images to make us want to smoke.

The  is the mental conditioning we have all unconsciously accepted
about smoking.

Please do not regard this as somehow "unreal" or not very important.

Even though the mental conditioning is only
a series of thoughts held in your mind about
smoking, these thoughts and beliefs are
the Key factor that will determine your
success in quitting smoking and actually
ENJOYING the process.