Why are you repeating Yourself?

Q: Why do you always repeat the SAME IDEAS and CONCEPTS over and over through the course. It's starting to annoy me ?


Tonight, sit down and watch a new movie.

And …try to count the number of times you see people smoking during the film.

And ask yourself why?

And then consider this……..

Today, most large films are financed by 'companies within companies'.

In fact, it's almost impossible to track down who is financing or contributing some of the large sums needed to make these movies.

Why do some of these companies not want to be known?

For tax reasons.


Or maybe it is because they just love the movies….


Or I wonder is it just a coincidence that in most of these NEW films today you will ALWAYS FIND PEOPLE SMOKING.

For example, last week on Irish Television, I watched a repeat of the Clint Eastwood Movie, 'True Crime' with James Wood.

An excellent movie – but the next time you see it –  try to count the number of times people are depicted really 'enjoying' smoking their cigarette.

I lost count – but as I watched it, I really felt sorry for any poor individual who has just started to stop smoking that day.

Why do films indirectly, and in a lot of cases it seems, subliminally, focus so much on the act of smoking?

Maybe it was just a coincidence…….and I'm wrong.

But here's a question….

Will the makers of that film and films like that tell us EXACTLY where ALL the financing of these films come from?

Can they tell us that NO tobacco company either directly, or more likely INDIRECTLY, through a third party, contributes to the financing of these films?

I wonder…..?

Anyway, watch movies like this and you will know the answer to the question why we repeat the same ideas over and over again.

We are trying to help you to CONSCIOUSLY change your beliefs about smoking.

To QUESTION all of society's beliefs and blind assumptions about smoking.


By repeating the same simple ideas AGAIN and AGAIN – we are helping you to……



TO LOOK at smoking with NEW EYES.

To QUESTION EVERYTHING you have been told about smoking.


By repeating the same simple ideas — AGAIN AND AGAIN we are helping your subconscious mind to effortlessly absorb the key central message of our course:


You do not NEED to smoke to be HAPPY.

We are simply using the same technique, the use of constant repetition that the tobacco companies use everyday, through all their different mediums to get you to smoke.

We're simply using it to make it easy
for you to give up!