Step One



When Should I Stop Smoking ?

When we answer this question, most smokers are surprised, because the answer is - Don't.

I don't want you to quit smoking until you have finished the course.


[Important note] 

If you have already stopped smoking and are using our course to help you to stay stopped, this does not apply to you. Remain a non-smoker

However, for the rest of us, this is one of the biggest mistake  we can make. 

We are convinced that quitting smoking is all about willpower and suffering. 

So then we conclude -- that if we can force ourselves not to smoke for long enough, then the desire to smoke will simply fade and we will be cured.





Fear of flying?

Let me illustrate this point another way as it is very important.

Suppose you were afraid of flying? Do you think the first thing your therapist would do would be to drag you screaming and shouting on to an airplane to cure your fear ? 

Of course not !

First, in the quiet of his office, he would explain the psychology behind his treatment. He would probably trace the origins of your fear and then design a gradual step-by-step program for you.

AND THEN AND ONLY THEN when he was happy that you were fully prepared and understood exactly what you were doing, would he allow you to take your first step onto a plane.

Why not take the same common sense approach to giving up smoking?


  • Learn about the simple psychology behind non-smoking. 

  • Find out why you may have found it difficult in the past

  • And learn the simple steps that you can take now to quit smoking forever.

In other words: Be fully prepared before you begin the journey....and then the journey will be a joy and an absolute success.


Right now, our job is to help you get rid of all the panic, doubts and false beliefs that you have about smoking before you to stop.......


One last thing....

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you won't stop smoking now- simply because you are terrified of how you will feel when you can't smoke.

You're convinced life will be horrible. 


You're just totally convinced you need to smoke to be happy. To get happily through your day.

And that is our first job.

To help you to realize BEFORE you quit smoking - that you can be just as happy  without needing to smoke.

Don't try to quit smoking until you FULLY GRASP THIS. 

Otherwise, you'll find quitting as difficult and as painful as all the other times.

Listen to John on your computer every morning and night as he explains this to you over and over again this KEY idea- that you don't need to smoke that day to be happy. 

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For example, here is a sample of what we will say to you on your first day as a non-smoker.

Day 1 

Personal Quit Smoking 21 Day Support Program


A glass of Water can work wonders! 

Today, instead of smoking, can I ask you to drink a glass of pure water instead? 

But I want you to drink it in a special way. 

Pour it out slowly and you are doing that, realize the GREAT CHANGE you have made in your life. 

Yesterday you were putting 




  • DECAY 

  • And AGING.....into your body

You were killing yourself. 

Today, you will be enjoying the EXACT opposite

Now, slowly start to drink the water ……and as you do, celebrate this huge difference you have made to your life.

Now imagine this...... 

Clean, pure, life-giving WATER washing through your body, CLEANING away and DISSOLVING ALL the damage you have done to your body.

Imagine it WASHING away the FALSE belief that you think that you NEED to smoke TO BE HAPPY.

Let it wash away the false idea that you need cigarettes to cope. 

You don’t. 

You got on perfectly fine BEFORE you started to smoke.

Didn't you??   

Really imagine.....

Now take the next step.

And start to F-E-E-L the goodness of the water, the PURE ENERGY of the water adding real sparkle, vitality, renewal and LIFE to your whole body…

  • To your eyes

  • Your skin

  • Your hair

  • Your bones

  • Your muscles

  • ....To your entire body. 


Simply enjoy!   

A Special Bath/ Shower!

As well as drinking lots of water, try to take a 'special’ bath  or shower everyday.

When you're relaxing in the bath, imagine the water of the bath achieving all the same results......

Imagine the water seeping deep into every cell and organ of your body......DISSOLVING ....




AND RENEWING....... your body......

Literally restoring it to the condition it was before you started to smoke !  

Really imagine this.

Imagine the old, black, tarry decaying color of your old smoking addiction being dislodged and released from every part of your body ......and being sucked away forever into the plughole.



A Great Day

However, the main thing to realize is that Today IS a GREAT DAY.  

You have truly CHANGED your life TODAY.    

Truly CHANGED it. You have taken A GIANT STEP.  

And, yes today.......  

Your mind will be on OVERDRIVE. 

It will be telling you all the usual lies….

’This is going to be terrible. You’ll never get through it. You are going to feel terrible. And every day from now on will be the same’. 

It will go on, whispering to you….

'That you’ll never enjoy yourself again. That your days of pleasure are gone.  That you’ll never cope.'   

Today, EXPECT to have ALL these thoughts.

They are no big deal.  

Yes, you are going to FEEL uncomfortable today. Yes, now and then during the day, you are going to FEEL :




Deep in your body, you are going to FEEL the DESIRE to smoke again and again. 

And sometimes during the day, it may all seem pointless. 


But  today, never forget these cravings to smoke, although they SEEM all powerful now - are ONLY TEMPORARY.  


And that’s the simple secret.  

Soon these cravings will be gone forever, but for now, we must EXPECT to have them and literally learn to get  'comfortable with our ‘discomfort’.  

In fact, it's the great paradox:

When you start not to mind them, TO STOP MAKING A BIG DEAL OUT OF THEM - soon they won't be bothered and will simply disappear.  

It is your fear of them that is giving them their energy, their life.


The Past Is Gone

When you stop smoking, in many ways, it will feel like a death.

However, you could say it is more of a 'positive' death, or to be more accurate -a REBIRTH.

In truth, most of us regard smoking as an 'old friend' - someone who was always there for us - in good times and bad. 

And now that it is gone - yes, for a while, we will FEEL 

  • Lonely

  • Sad

  • Depressed

  • And empty.


But these are ALL temporary feelings of regret. 

They will PASS and you will experience a NEW DAWN - a new beginning.

You could say you're going through a 'mourning phrase' - so it is perfectly NORMAL what you are now feeling.

So don't worry if you feel like this over the next few days. 

Everybody does.

However, the main thing to remember is that THIS DOES PASS.

A Witch

Also never forget that smoking was never a 'real friend' 

It was, as one of our students once said,
really a 'wicked witch, full of disease and death disguised as a 'great friend'.

There is great TRUTH behind that metaphor. 


One Last Thing.....

All day today, I want you to remind yourself again and again of all the reasons why you are glad you are now a non-smoker:.

Realize NOW, as a non-smoker,  you are free of all of this:

  • The permanently stale breath

  • The morning-phlegm cough

  • The nicotine-stained teeth

  • The shorter life expectancy

  • The stained fingers

  • The constant financial drain

  • The various health problems

  • The poor role model for your kids

  • The dirty ashtrays

  • The bland-tasting food

  • And the smelly clothes.

Well done!   

If you have any questions about what we have talked about today,  please contact me today.

John Ryan  


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Day 3 Support


The MAGIC of deep breathing! 

To-day, I want you to go for a long walk in your  local park.

Now as you walk, I want you to open --- REALLY OPEN your lungs to the fresh AIR all around you.  

Be fully AWARE of it.  

It’s freshness. 

It’s stillness. 

It’s presence. 

Also, try to be aware of the special energy in the air. What the Chinese call, ‘Chi’  

Now as you walk, go even further: 

Imagine you are using your WHOLE BODY to breath this pure, life-giving, life-renewing air into EVERY cell of your body.   


  • your eyes

  • your hair

  • your skin.....

  • even your BONES are breathing this vital, sparkling energy into themselves. 

Now realize this energy is R-E-N-E-W-I-N-G your eyes, your hair, your skin.

It is healing you.

Rejuvenating you.

Making you stronger, healthier, younger……..,  

Now as you are doing this, CELEBRATE right now the HUGE DIFFERENCE you have just made to your life. 

Two days ago, you were PUTTING a dirty, cancerous energy into your body that was, destroying you, K-I-L-L-I-N-G you, aging you!  



Now, you are putting LIFE in to your body.




This decision will totally change your life. 

Now, continue to enjoy your walk,……..doing your whole body breathing. 

But now and again I want you to stop, and look at all the people around you.  

And think, REALLY FOCUS on this great fact.

Over 80 million people just like the people  around you have successfully and easily given up smoking permanently.   

Yes! 80 million ordinary people in USA alone.

We have ALL done it.  

I want you to play with this great fact in your mind as you walk now because I want you  to get the FEELING, DEEP in your body that this REALLY can be done.   

Yes, it’s Day 3 and you will  still have GREAT DOUBTS.  That is absolutely normal.   

But can’t you now, at least start to say to yourself: 

Maybe, just maybe...... it really is POSSIBLE.  I don’t REALLY need to smoke.

  Maybe….maybe….maybe….just like all these people….I can be JUST as happy without needing to smoke…..”   

“80 million…..,,,,,,, 80 million…….. 80 million……… 80 million.

 Not to mention all the other MILLIONS all around the world.

As you walk now, yes, don’t deny that your body still badly wants to smoke.   

This desire you’ll have to smoke is normal.  

EXPECT to have it every day for the next 2 to 3 weeks.  

But as you walk, REJOICE in the fact that everyday it will get less and less ….

And soon, it will be gone FOREVER.…. 

Rejoice in this great truth as you walk and walk: 80 million people PLUS  in the USA have have done it.    

And are HAPPY they no longer need to do it.



Now, as you continue walking and breathing deeply, remind yourself that, NOW as a non-smoker, you are totally FREE of :

  • The permanently stale breath

  • The morning-phlegm cough

  • The nicotine-stained teeth

  • The shorter life expectancy

  • The stained fingers

  • The constant financial drain

  • The various health problems

  • The poor role model for your kids

  • The dirty ashtrays

  • The bland-tasting food

  • And the smelly clothes.

Rejoice. Celebrate!

If you have any questions about what we have talked about today,  please contact me today.

Enjoy your walk!

Tomorrow, how to deal with the nagging cravings you'll get in the next few days

John Ryan  


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