Remember:If you do not RUN AWAY FROM or try to NUMB your cravings to smoke by EATING, YOU WILL NOT GAIN WEIGHT when you stop smoking.


And even if you are one of those who may experience a slight weight gain of up to 5 pounds, due to metabolic changes- that is nothing.

Follow our simple advice – and you will not even experience that!

But the important thing to remember here is this:

In the old way of giving up  – the idea that you must use WILLPOWER alone to force yourself to stop  and then you must keep yourself BUSY to help to take your mind off the desire to smoke – people looked to substitutes like food to BLOCK or to ESCAPE from these feelings.

By doing this, it ruined, of course any chance they had of not gaining weight.


But our approach is the exact opposite.

We will want you to  FACE and WELCOME ALL the cravings  you get when you stop. We want you to TRANSFORM them.

You now know that by allowing and opening to every feeling and desire WITHOUT judgment or resistance you can MAGICALLY  transform how these feelings FEEL, moment-by-moment  in your body.

They can actually be experienced as enjoyable sensations – and thus you will feel no compulsion to use food to escape from these cravings.  

So why continue EVERY DAY to….

CONGEST your lungs with cancerous tars. 

To CLUTTER up and POISON your blood vessels.

And to SENTENCE yourself to a lifetime of…..

  • Filth

  • Bad breath

  • Stained teeth

  • Burnt clothes

  • Filthy ashtrays

  • And the foul smell of stale tobacco….

 ……all because of the mistaken BELIEF that if you stop smoking, you must gain weight.

Go on….show the world by your own PERSONAL EXAMPLE that it is a LIE!

Because it is!

And as you show them, ENJOY fully all the immediate benefits you'll experience when you stop…..

  • You'll feel stronger, younger, healthier


  • Your complexion will be better.


  • Your teeth and fingers will no longer be yellow.


  • Your eyes will look healthier, more alive and vibrant.


  • And your clothes  and breath will no longer stink of stale smoke.

You'll feel f-r-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c !!

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